Comprehensive Eyecare

Routine Eye Examinations

An eye examination is an important and often overlooked part of your annual health checkup. Annual eye examinations are especially important if any of the following conditions apply:

  • You wear contact lenses
  • You have a history of eye problems
  • You are over the age of forty
  • You have had an eye injury, diabetes, or surgery on your eyes
  • You have a visual disorder or other vision problems
  • Children should have an eye exam between the ages of three and five to ensure that there are no visual problems or earlier if any eye problems are noted

We recommended eye examinations for those without vision problems every two to three years.

At our laser eye surgery and vision correction center in Westwood, New Jersey, a comprehensive eye examination consists of several important aspects. You will receive a refraction, a process which measures the visual status of your eye and helps determine if you need corrective lenses or an update of your current lenses. Following the refraction, the external part of your eye will be examined for disease and a glaucoma test will be performed. The exam will conclude after your eyes have been dilated with eye drops so that the health of the inner structures of the eye (nerve, retina, lens, etc.) can be evaluated. The entire process takes about an hour and you should have someone drive you home as the dilation process can impair your vision for some time. Sunglasses are also recommended if it is bright outside.

Some things to remember to bring when coming for your eye examination include:

  • A list of your medications
  • Your eye glasses, and contact lenses and/or contact lens prescription
  • If you have been under the care of another physician, please try to bring a copy of those records so that we may provide you with better care.

Also, please check with your insurance plan to see if you need to get a referral to be seen in our office.

At our laser eye surgery and vision correction center in Westwood, New Jersey, we care about the overall optical health of our patients. To schedule a comprehensive eye examination, contact Westwood Ophthalmology.

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are an excellent way to correct your vision without the need for glasses. There are contact lenses to fit almost any prescription. The most important part of wearing contact lenses is having a good fit. A poorly fitting lens will make for an unhappy patient as well as potentially affecting the health of the eye.

At Westwood Ophthalmology, we like to ensure that your contacts fit you well and continue to fit you well. That is why we insist on properly fitting you in our office and teaching you proper lens care. We also recommend an annual eye examination to ensure the health of your eye. We proudly carry many types of contacts including disposable, astigmatic (toric), colored, and bifocal lenses. Many popular lenses including Acuvue® Advance™, Acuvue® Oasys™ and Bausch and Lomb PureVision® feature new highly breathable materials and improved comfort for dry eye patients are available through our office; our staff will help you choose the right lens for your needs.

If you are considering trading your glasses in for contact lenses, the knowledgeable staff at our laser vision correction and eye surgery center in Westwood, New Jersey will help make the transition smooth and worthwhile.

Please click here if you would like to order contact lenses through our website.

Glaucoma Testing and Surgery

The detection of glaucoma relies heavily on a complete eye examination, the performance of visual fields (peripheral vision) testing, a Heidelberg Retinal Tomograph (HRT) to evaluate the optic nerves and the diagnostic skill of a trained ophthalmologist.

At Westwood Ophthalmology, we have the latest in visual field testing equipment that provides accurate results in about 5 minutes per eye. In addition, this machine can perform a blue-yellow visual field, which may be able to detect glaucoma earlier in those patients where the suspicion for glaucoma is high. An annual visual field examination is an important part of your glaucoma management in addition to an annual eye exam.

The HRT is a sophisticated machine which uses a laser to “take a picture” of your optic nerve and analyze it with a computer. The computer can then compare certain nerve characteristics on subsequent tests to determine the health of the optic nerve. Since glaucoma is a disease that affects the optic nerve, this test is also an important part of your glaucoma evaluation.

For patients with glaucoma where the disease cannot be controlled medically, surgery may be the next option. Laser eye surgery performed at Westwood, New Jersey surgical facility by one of our highly skilled surgeons can provide excellent results in a simple outpatient procedure. If glaucoma filtering surgery is necessary, our surgeons can utilize the latest techniques to help control your glaucoma.

Learn More About Glaucoma

Diabetic Eye Examinations and Treatment

Diabetes can affect the eyes in many ways. An increased risk of glaucoma and cataracts can occur in diabetes. More importantly, diabetes can cause bleeding and swelling in the retina which can lead to severe visual loss. An annual dilated eye examination is crucial to monitoring for diabetic eye disease.

If bleeding or swelling is detected, a fluorescein angiogram may be necessary to help determine the extent of the disease and the need for further treatment. This procedure is done in our office using specialized photography after the injection of dye into a small vein in the hand. If treatment becomes necessary, our doctors can perform a simple outpatient laser treatment to help prevent further vision loss. Of course, it is always important to control your blood sugar and your blood pressure to ensure good eye health as well as overall health.

For almost three decades, Westwood Ophthalmology has cared for the total optical health of our community with skill and the highest standard of patient service. For premium eye care, contact our laser vision correction and eye surgery practice in Westwood, New Jersey, serving the entire Pascack Valley region.

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