Westwood Ophthalmology has returned to its normal office hours. We have made significant changes to the office in order to maintain safety and social distancing which includes removing the majority of the waiting room chairs and limiting the number of patients seen in the office each day.  All physicians and staff are wearing masks. We require all patients to wear some sort of face covering to protect others in the office. The waiting room is being cleaned multiple times a day and each exam room is cleaned thoroughly in between each patient. Additionally, we are asking that each patient come alone unless assistance is absolutely needed, or the patient is a minor. If you have family in the car, please have them wait in the car until the exam is finished unless they need to enter the office for some reason. We are also offering our patients telemedicine as a remote option for you to connect with one of our physicians. Please call the office to see if this option is amenable to your problem.
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Exceptional Oculoplastics at Westwood Ophthalmology

Oculoplastic or eye plastics surgeons deal with external surgeries of the eye and lids. The most common oculoplastic problems include abnormal lid lesions, persistent styes, tearing, droopy eyelids, inturned eye lashes, and cosmetic repair of the lid area.

Westwood Ophthalmology provides oculoplastic treatments for the following conditions:

Our ophthalmologists offer the following quality treatments for cosmetic enhancement:

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