Cataract Surgery Can Set You Free (From Glasses)

February 16, 2018

Over the past 15 years, hundreds of Westwood Ophthalmology patients have been enjoying increased freedom from glasses after cataract surgery with advances in intraocular (IOL) lens technology.  Advanced presbyopia-correcting IOLs such as the Restor, Tecnis Multifocal, Symfony and Crystalens, provide an increased ability over traditional IOL technology to see at distance, intermediate and near without the need for glasses.  Improvements in lens technology have improved the performance and helped reduce unwanted side effects, such as nighttime halos. Each lens has it pluses and minuses and not every patient is a candidate for these wonderful lenses.

Patients with astigmatism, or eyes that are misshapen can also benefit from advanced lens technology.  Almost one in three Americans have enough astigmatism that would benefit from a toric (astigmatism reducing) IOL. Toric IOLs can reliably reduce astigmatism precisely helping patients focus more clearly and enjoy more freedom from glasses.  In one study, 97% of patients who received a toric IOL would choose that lens again.

Although the cost of cataract surgery is fully covered by medical insurance, the cost of advanced technology lenses are usually the patient's responsibility.  Our experienced surgeons will perform a thorough examination along with precise measurements to determine which IOL technology will perform the best in your situation.


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